Useful Info


Organising a party is always hard work,  so much to do and think about... 


The Fizzy Bubbles team will always be there at the end of a phone or on email to help with organising the party, advise on what to make or to help iron out any problems. 


Just a few questions with the answers I have come across in the past.... 




How long is the party? 

The Fizzy Bubbles team are there for 2 hrs helping the children to make their products, this is enough time for them to decorate them afterwards. We suggest adding on an hour in case we have late guests and you wish to feed them and blow out candles on a cake, some parents have some extra games to play. 

Its a good idea to stop half way for the them have a drink

This is the same for jewellery parties


I haven’t got a big room, how much room do you need to run a party? 

For toiletry making parties you will need to fit 10 children standing comfortably round your table.

For Jewellery making you will need to fit 10 children sitting comfortably round a table. 

I have a 6ft table I can bring with me..


When can I feed the girls and do the cake? 

This is generally done after all the making and decorating is done. we usually recommend 30 to 60mins to eat and blow out the candles. 

This goes for jewellery making parties too.....


I know some of the Children have sensitive skin, will the products irritate their skin? 

I alway buy products that are as kind to the skin, having sensitive skin myself i try to make the products as kind as possble. We use paraban and SLS free bases. I include a fact sheet in the party bag to let the parents know what to do if any reactions occur.  It also gives the ingredients (though some names are latin) I always ask for allergies and medical problems so we are aware of any problems before the party starts.   

I always use High quality beads that shouldn’t irritate the skin. 


Can Boys join in?

Of course they can. I do have moulds for making soap that are good for boys, also male fragrance oils. 

I also have beads that boys would like... 


How long will the products last after the party has finished?

I recommend they stop using the products after 6 months, if they last that long. 

Jewellery for as long as you like....